Solocart Panther Remote Golf Trolley

R15,995.00 R10,950.00

  • Foldable Aluminium frame
  • Lithium Battery 24V 10Ah
  • Battery can be recharged 1500 times
  • Drive Range of 20kms
  • Multiple Speed Levels
  • Auto-Distance options – 10m, 20m, 30m
  • Climb gradient of 30 degrees
  • Battery Status Monitor
  • 2 x 200W motors
  • USB port
  • Soft Start
  • Free Wheel Function
  • Electric Brake
  • Auto Speed system
  • Front Wheel adjustable
  • Anti-tip Rear wheel
  • 1 year warranty

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The Solocart Panther is our latest Electric Golf Trolley – at a price point that doesn’t disappoint! Supplied with a very compact lithium battery and capability to fold very small, this lightweight electric golf trolley is sure to set the standard on South African golf courses everywhere. This is the Remote version – capable of being driven by a small hand-held transmitter.


The aluminium frame is finished off in a matt-black paint with simple fittings and accessories giving it a value well beyond it’s price point. Two rubber-treaded wheels are easily clicked into place along with two rotatable knobs to set the stand for your golf bag, ready for your round. There is a rear balance wheel to prevent the cart from tipping backwards when being driven remotely.


A simple index-finger rotating knob allows the golfer to set speed levels comfortable to their walking pace. The gearbox has a “instant-stop” brake bringing the Panther to a stop as quickly as the knob is rotated to it’s zero setting. There is an additional auto-distance function which allows the golfer to direct cart and set an automatic brake at 10m, 20m or 30m distance from activation. In addition, the Remote version can steer left or right, go forwards or reverse and stop as you command it. The transmitter performs optimally within 100m of the cart.


The Panther has a motor powering each wheel making it the only range in our fleet offering this capability for non-remote models. The advantages are obvious: better control, more power uphills and fewer damage-prone parts susceptible to failure.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 90 x 60 x 110 cm
Battery Type


Downhill Brake


Drive Type