About Us

About Us

Solocart has been importing electric golf carts to South Africa since 2017. Founder, Mark Warncke, has extensive experience with the various suppliers, products and supporting warranties. Solocart remains committed to value-for-money and supply of quality products around South Africa.

In 2021, Solocart invested in the UK electric golf trolley brand, Golfstream. Imported directly from the UK, the Vision has become our standard electric golf trolley with a lithium ion battery.

The popular Panther model commands the remote control option in our product line-up.

These advanced battery and control systems offer so many advantages over the older lead acid battery systems. This of course does come at a price and we are very aware of the some hesitations to purchase. Our job is to ensure our customers get the best value-for-money and quality product for long life and hassle-free use.

Enjoy your round!